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Our Technology

Vertical Future’s production system is one of the most advanced CEA systems in the world; currently housed at our facility in Deptford, Southeast London.  

Our system adopts a combinatorial approach, offering sophisticated, adaptable lighting, nutrient delivery, effective space utilisation, automation, and control over all key growth parameters. This allows for optimal growing conditions, irrespective of crop type.

All systems and processes require limited human interaction, limiting risk of contamination and spores in the grow environment. This is achieved through a software-driven platform, which also includes CRM, stock, financial management, and data analysis functionalities.

At the forefront of our design process is the need for both efficient and cost-effective solutions to deal with the future requirements of food.

Our Services

Let us help you on your vertical farming journey!


Vertical Future will support your feasibility studies, market and business case planning, design, and farm design.


Design, Build, and License Vertical Future CEA technologies (hardware and software).


Let us help you collect and analyse plant data, provide benchmarking, independent validation and research and development studies.

Build and OPERATE or Franchise

Operate of franchising of Vertical Future brand(s) and Design, Build, and License Vertical Future CEA technologies (hardware and software).

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