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Can vertical farming grow beyond herbs and leaves?

Net Zero Festival: Vertical farming - food for thought in a net zero world?

Department for International Trade - UK Agri-Tech is solving the world's big challenges in Agriculture

IORMA Webinar: Bringing food production to cities

Cough and cold-killing extract to be grown hydroponically creating reliable, year-round source for first time

Food Chain BBC World Service Podcast - Jamie, Jen & Head of Plant Science at NASA

Business Innovation - Feeding Britain post-pandemic

Forbes : Making Vertical Farming Big in the UK

Adlib Recruitment chats with Vertical Future CEO as part of "Product|People|Potential" series

Vertical Future joins London Mayor's International Business Programme 2020/21

UK Tech: London food tech company completes 4 million seed round

Foodtech company raises £4m seed funding to build ‘ethical food factories’

FoodTalk: Masterchef winner meets Jamie Burrows

Building healthier cities with smart indoor agriculture technologies

Vita Mojo meets the co-founders of Vertical Future to learn how to grow microgreens

Vertical Future invest in vertical farming to reduce food mile

AgFunder New - Vertical Future raises £4m seed round

Acceleris works on a fundraising round for Vertical Future

Business Green : Vertical Future secures £1.1 million investor backing

Environmental Investment for Vertical Farming

Earthworm doubles down on Vertical Future, providing £1.1m follow-on investment

Tech Nation named Vertical Future as one of 16 UK companies creating a sustainable future

Designed Company Podcast - Jamie Burrows on the future of farming in cities

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