healthier food.

Vertical Future is a technology company focused on building a better, more sustainable food production and supply system, starting in London.

We design, build, and run high-tech vertical farms.

Established in 2016, we are fast-becoming a market leader in controlled environment food production, with our groundbreaking technologies, production activities, and research and development all set to have a major influence on the future of food.

In London, we now have two active high-tech production sites, in addition to over 20 national and international projects under discussion. Our products - sold under the name of MiniCrops - are regularly used in over 100 restaurants and thousands of households.

Our ultimate mission is to improve the long-term health of the human race – one leaf at a time.

why take action?

Well, besides the current food model being broken and other external pressures including climate change and Brexit, poor quality food and eating habits are two of the biggest contributors to obesity and other long-term diseases. In London, the food system is also the single largest contributor to CO2 emissions.

If we don't take action today, there won't be a tomorrow.


Interested in vertical farming? Our production sites and in-house technologies allow us to produce high-quality, ethical food, with a high degree of precision and control.  

Central to our technologies is automation and precision. Our engineering team is continually developing ways to improve yields, site performance, and control over our growing environments. Working alongside our engineers are our plant scientists, who focus on creating the best, tastiest, healthiest produce possible – as well as advancing our capabilities in key areas of research and development.

Need to source the best technology for your project? To learn more about our engineering solutions, for information on licensing, or for anything else, please get in touch with our team.


Our sites.

We currently have two production sites in London, located in Deptford and London Fields, with a further site planned for development, in London (Zone 1), for 2020. Plans are being put in place to offer monthly tours, in addition to the many other social and community-facing activities each site offers.

Produce with Purpose.

Our consumer brand, MiniCrops is currently used in over 100 restaurants across Central London and in thousands of households.

Provided on-demand, daily, and pesticide-free, the quality and freshness of our produce, together with the speed and ethics of our service, makes our business model hard to match. Below are just a few of the restaurants and food brands that use us on a regular basis.


Micro Tarragon 15g


Micro Kale 30g


Micro Parsley 25g


Texsel Leaves (15)


Micro Red Mizuna 30g


Micro Mizuna 30g


Edible Viola Flowers


Nasturtium Leaves 20g


Micro Chervil 25g


Lemon Balm 15g


Micro Mix 30g


Sampling Tray (24) 240g




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