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Farm Design and Engineering

We design, engineer and build automated vertical farms in the UK and around the world. Our patent pending Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) system uses smart technologies to optimise space, costs and energy and revolutionise the future of healthy food.

Food and Health

Our technology expertise is built on years of running vertical farms in London. Vertical Future's production sites produce fresh, sustainable, healthy food for both B2B and B2C customers. Full of flavour and rich in nutrients, our microgreens, mini herbs, edible flowers and baby leaf salads are grown without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.


Meet DIANA, our in-house developed software platform. DIANA runs our urban farms and is available through licensing. Data is at the centre of our universe and this sophisticated SaaS solution allows customers to benefit from both our retrospective data sets and continuous data insights, which are generated from across the Vertical Future network.


We use technology to enable smart and digital agriculture. We tailor our vertical farming system to your needs, maximising your benefits and minimising your costs.

We are global. We are currently working on CEA projects in the UK, Europe, North America, India, Africa and Australia.

Feasibility studies, farm design, farm building, licensing, operations, and franchising - our services provide you with everything you need for your own vertical farming journey.

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Pipeline Projects


1 Project
Design, build, and license projects


6 Projects
Design, build, license, and operate projects


5 Projects
Feasibility studies, design, build, license, and operate projects


3 Projects
Feasibility studies, design, build, license, and operate projects


2 Projects
Feasibility studies, design, build, license, and operate projects

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Our (UK) Sites

We currently have two production sites in London, with a further site currently under development. Locations are always chosen in line with the needs of the market and our customer-base.

Plans are being put in place to offer monthly tours, in addition to the many other social and community-facing activities each site will offer.

Our consumer brand, MiniCrops is currently used in over 100 restaurants across Central London and in thousands of households.

Provided on-demand, daily, and pesticide-free, the quality and freshness of our produce, together with the speed and ethics of our service, makes our business model hard to match. Below are just a few of the restaurants and food brands that use us on a regular basis.

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